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Consulting Srevice
Consulting services

Based on a client’s business and IT strategy roadmap, we analyze the development plans and project scope beginning with their current state (as-is) business process to create (to-be) business processes for after improvement. We then provide customized system design upon confirmation of the optimal business processes and business sector, and analysis of various technologies that were fitted to the client combined with the best technology available. In addition, we are able to provide selection and development of vendors, control of offshore vendors, and consulting services on comprehensive reports to stakeholders.

Consulting Case Study
BIOINFORMATICS: IT-consulting for Whole genome analysis project

A Japanese national university requested tuning for a gene analysis program called EPISIS. The purpose is to analyze gene-gene interaction from a large amount of whole-genome data. We attempted to parallelize the genome analytic process using a CPU but the maximum parallelized number depends on available CPU cores. In a High Performance Computing solution, this approach needs either a huge budget or should be done using a super computer.
We decided instead to use GPU technology which has a more powerful calculation performance than CPU technology does. The project was successful, and our proposal brought best performance results and cost performance to our clients.


Global consulting service
Life Insurance Company: Overseas Package Installation Support

Our client was chosen to conduct package installation and Micronet Techno led Fit & Gap analysis, localization for Japan, customization analysis etc. and business capabilities measurement after introduction for a customized overseas package implementation.

Since a European package vendor was used, we had to take into consideration communication difficulties based on language, culture and customs in correspondence between data centers distributed around the world such as in Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia and their operators. Although this project was quite difficult, we overcame these various barriers and achieved system launch.
Having gained experience with a variety of projects at the global level, our consulting team can meet the needs of clients who are also active at the global level.

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