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System Design & Development

System Development
System Design & Development:

Micronet Techno has grown significantly since its initial founding and our core competence has been software development. We have extensive business development experience as well as knowledge of a variety of programming languages. We are acutely perceptive of new trends and dedicated to working on cutting-edge technology. In addition to industry standard languages, we run POC on new languages for development level accuracy, test new technologies and leverage them for actual projects.

Development Languages Available
Languages other than those listed below are also possible upon consultation.
Development Languages Available ・GDK (Glass Development Kit)、C、C++、PL/SQL、Shell、CUDA (Nvidia)、TAL (Transaction Application Language)、PowerBuilder、Delphi
・Visual Studio 6 / .NET(VB、VC、C#、ASP)、VB.NET、VBA
DB ・Oracle、SQL Server、DB2、MySQL、PostgreSQL、BigTable、IndexedDB、SQLite etc.
Platform ・Windows、Unix、Linux
・Tesla (GPU)
・Google App Engine、Sales Force、Amazon Web Service etc.
Others ・SOA、Enterprise Application Integration、ESB
・Cloud application development
・PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) etc.

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