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diversity program
Commitment to work style and employment diversity

At Micronet Techno Co., Ltd., we actively promote diversity and have created an environment where all employees, irrespective of, or through the active engagement of their “differences”, are accepted and respected and can work with high productivity.

We pay no mind to characteristics that do not affect job responsibilities, and evaluate individual strengths, motivations, outcomes, and contributions instead. Also, regardless of the diversity associated with “difference”, all employees are provided equal opportunity to participate in corporate activities and to improve company performance.

Our company's efforts:

・Employee diversity education
・Equal employment opportunity (EEO) regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics
・Equal opportunity for all employees for participation in all positions within the company and in corporate activities
・Maintain an environment where all employees can work comfortably
・Eliminate evaluations associated with one’s “difference” or diversity

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