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Global Business

Micronet Techno's global services

The purpse of our global services is to gather the latest technology and human resources from around the world for improvement of our knowledge and skills, and for us to provide high quality IT services to our customers around the world. Micronet Techno's aims through global expansion is to prevent low quality service restricted by location, and the reinforcement of our business group.

Micronet Techno was launched Europe region affiliated company "Micronet Techno Global Solutions B.V.” to provide IT consulting, marketing and R&D on Aug 28, 2018 in Netherlands.

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Micronet Techno Group



Micronet Techno, Ltd.
Micronet Techno's headquater is located in Yokohama Kanagawa Japan, management APAC region and global business.


North America

Micronet Techno
North America, Inc.
North America region is located in San Francisco CA USA. This amazing region is center of innovation of the world.



Micronet Techno
Global Solutions B.V.
Europe region is located in Hoofddorp Netherlands. Netherlands people has innovative spirits, we expected collaborate with this country to innovate amazing solutions.


What's Next?

We never forget our dream to change the world and future using our solutions. We'll expand our business to many country for people's happiness.