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Micronet Techno is a company that provides a wide range of solutions for IT (information technology) related services.
Our key business is in IT consulting, system development, system maintenance and hardware, and we provide cutting edge solutions for our clients.
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AI artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

At Micronet Techno, we are conducting AI research and development for medical and enterprise systems. We'll provide a sophisticated lifestyle via our AI technology.

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Wearable device application

We are conducting application development for wearable devices. We'll provide excellent experiences all over the world via our wearable device applications.

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Augmented reality

augmented reality

Augmented Reality Consulting service. We provide a drastic augmented reality solution for all kinds of businesses via Google Glass.

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GPU High Performance Computing

HPC (high performance computing) solutions for bioinformatics using GPGPU (general purpose computing on graphic processing unit)

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Micronet Techno launched the Artificial Intelligence Institute (AI2) to provide AI solutions and R&D in Japan and the USA.
At Micronet Techno, we are conducting research and developing practical-use solutions, redefining accumulated knowledge and technologies that can be used in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) field.

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Our company’s consulting division is not bound by blind faith. We think outside the box to provide flexible ideas and passion to offer drastic consulting solutions for system development, package implementations, business process analysis and new business products.


2.System Design & Development

Micronet-Techno’s development team has extensive business development experience in addition to knowledge of a variety of programming languages. We are acutely perceptive of new trends in technology and dedicated to working on cutting-edge technology POC (proof of concept).


3.System Maintenance

Do you have IT system maintenance issues? We provide maintenance, monitoring, new products support, as well as call-center solutions.



We produce wearable devices, GPU machines for HPC (high performance computing), servers (physical/virtual machine), display for digital signage and server kitting.