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We were able to significantly reduce the processing time to 6 hours from the original 1440 hours (60 days) using our HPC solution.

An educational institution performing genetic research requested the tuning of a program analyzing genes. We changed the OS from Windows running multi-threaded C++ to Linux, and introduced a workstation equipped with a high-speed CPU that reduced the logic processing time from 60 days to 30 days. The 30 days required for processing time was still not fast enough for realistic use, so we explored whether or not there were ways to reduce it even further. The solution we identified was...

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When planning the implementation of HPC solutions into a customer environment, the qualifications of a solutions provider must be tested, and Micronet Techno has a wealth of experience in hardware design and software development.

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NVIDIA Inception Member

Micronet Techno joined the NVIDIA Inception Program provided by NVIDIA Corporation. We'll collaborate on GPU solutions and Deep Learning using GPU with NVIDIA.


Our recent work on HPC solutions.


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