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AI - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Institute (AI2) launched
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Micronet Techno launched the Artificial Intelligence Institute (AI2) to provide AI solutions and R&D in Japan and the USA.
At Micronet Techno, we are conducting research and developing practical-use solutions, redefining accumulated knowledge and technologies that can be used in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) field.

AI solutions
Data Analysis   Data Analysis Data analysis and feature extraction using AI
AI and GPU   Big data
High speed AI with GPU for big data analysis
Image recognition   Image analysis Image analysis and recognition using AI
Prediction   Prediction/decision Decision making and prediction from data/images
IoT   Embedded AI AI implementation for embedded systems/devices

Jetson TX1
Case 1:
Realtime image captioning (CNN + RNN) on Jetson TX1

Applied solutions
AI image recognition  AI image recognition  AI image recognition  AI image recognition

We installed NeuralTalk2 CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) + RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) on the card sized supercomputer Jetson TX1, provided by Nvidia. The AI program recognizes images and creates image captions using CNN and RNN from a connected video camera on Jetson TX1.

Our aim is to improve consumer IoT devices and business processes using sophisticated AI algorithms and high performance devices.

*We will be releasing a video for this AI device soon.

Jetson TX1 image

Jetson TX1 image

AI machine learning
Case 2:
Deta analysis and prediction using machine learning

Applied solutions
AI image recognition  AI Prediction  AI image recognition

We are among the first technology leaders providing a GPGPU (General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit) solution to improve genetic statistics machine learning processing time.

From this experience, we are further challenging ourselves in discovering feature extraction from large data sets and performing high dimsension data analysis using the latest machine learning algorithms. Our solution can provide methods to find data trends in large data sets and predict or support correct decisions.

As of now, our multi layered neural network program predicts expected results with high accuracy.

Genetic statistics