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Factory Automation

production line
Automation of the production process through IT

When a manufacturing industry client experienced systems personnel withdrawal from the development process of old IT assets they held, they went beyond the system lifecycle, no longer received support, and faced a hazardous situation.

A combination PC and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system is a management system for common line using sequencer in the production management industry but the system was created using an old language, had to be quickly re-created using a new language, and further, it was necessary to match a production line increase and meet the system delivery deadline.

IT in the production line

What we have in mind for IT automation for production lines, etc., is the flexibility to change the system to suit your business speed at all times, and through the application of safety measures to state of the art technology, ensure worker safety. Further, rather than a partial optimization, it is necessary to take into account an overall or full optimization.
production line2


Manufacturing system process optimization

We analyzed old assets, matched the speed of business growth, and investigated the architecture of a system which could immediately respond to a line increase and decrease. We then created a framework to increase the reusability of the basic module, shared this framework within our development team, maximized development efficiency and system launch speed to the line. Further, at the client’s request for global expansion, an English language system delivered to the European factories, and performed system provision for their Asian regions. In addition, instead of a PLC system, we provided Bluetooth in the production line, speech recognition, RFID, and research etc. on bar code usage.

In the future, we would like to take on the challenge of industrial robots and other similar technology.

If you are interested in factory automation technology, by all means, contact us. We have the enterprise development experience to support your needs.

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