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HTML5 Web Application

Web Application Available Online/Offline

During a sales tool update, a sales representative pointed out their wish to have a web application that would allow business to continue even when offline. For example, when visiting customers, they need to continue operations even when they are in a location with no network connectivity such as an office basement or the countryside, etc.

We proposed a solution consisting of an HTML5 online/offline web application as well as included new device options for the sales representatives. Micronet Techno designed and developed the solution from scratch in addition to selecting and testing the new devices.

Why we chose HTML5?

Up until now, a number of applications with offline executable functions have been developed. As application development trends shifted to web, there were several improvements, such as centralized application resource control and the delivery of application resources without installation to users as well as users’ ability to use the application via internet browser for example. However, with this focus on web, users could only access and use the application online.

In order to solve this issue, we focused the HTML5 offline technology to provide an offline feature to our users which would enable application availability for both online and offline use. We proposed this solution for the development of hybrid online/offline systems.
Offline architecture


Solution and role

Due to the W3C specification definition delay problem, there are only a few companies that use HTML5 technology for enterprise applications. After analyzing the effectiveness of HTML5 technology, we explained the benefits of this new technology to executives and gained approval to proceed with the application development.

Micronet Techno took lead on a wide variety roles such as listed below from project start-up through final system launch.

・New device selection and deployment
・RFI/RFP document creation
・Development vendor management
・HTML5 architecture selection
・HTML5 digital signature selection
・MDM (Mobile Device Management) including remote wipe and endpoint management
・Infrastructure design
・Project management and support, etc.

HTML5 Benefits

We faced a lot of issues due to this new technology but eventually obtained the benefits below:
Merit for HTML5

・Application resource control
・Elimination of server load through offline functions
・High performance from the latest version browser
・No-installation application delivery
・Increased user experience through offline functions

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