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Solution using Beacon

At Micronet Techono, we are conducting research and developing practical-use solutions, redefining accumulated knowledge and technologies that can be used in the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacon device solution field.

practical usage OF beacon devices
Installing a beacon in the store can deliver useful information according to the movement of customers. Beacon detects customer location with high accuracy without using GPS. When a customer moves to a product, the store can provide sale information, discount rates, product specs, available stock and product related movies, etc. The beacon can be adopted in museums, factories, for transportation and so many fields, in order to provide detailed information via client devices.

We have experience in consulting, developing smart phone applications, wearable device and augmented reality (include Google Glass) solutions, hardware and server side development. We'll provide the best solution using Beacon.

Please check out the funny video by Estimote depicting how shopping in the future could be.

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