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Micronet Techno (provided) solutions

Micronet Techno has been providing a number of solutions to problems our clients’ face. Although our company’s initial core business consisted of software development, our desire to resolve our clients’ problems with our flexible thinking and advanced technical abilities have led us to provide more business consulting in order to deliver quality solutions.

When one says “solution”, there are in actuality a variety of possible solutions bundled into that single term. It includes for example a solution that may demand a high cost of the client or provision of a transitional solution without anticipation of the future.

At Micronet Techno, we are committed to providing the following solutions to our clients:

・Highly cost-conscious, provide solutions that stay within budget
・Re-useable and common solutions that look ahead to our clients’ future
・No-limit approach to solving the problem, and solutions leading to drastic changes
・Solutions aimed at full optimization rather than a partial optimization
・Business process and system optimization solution based on business process analysis

Please see our solutions section for details.

High Performance Computing

An educational institution performing genetic research requested the tuning of a program analyzing genes. We changed the OS from Windows running multi-threaded C++ to Linux, and introduced a workstation equipped with a high-speed CPU that reduced the logic processing time from 60 days to 30 days. The 30 days required for processing time was still not fast enough for realistic use, so we explored whether or not there were ways to reduce it even further. The solution we identified was...

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HTML5 Offiline application

During a sales tool update, a sales representative pointed out their wish to have a web application that would allow business to continue even when offline. For example, when visiting customers, they need to continue operations even when they are in a location with no network connectivity such as an office basement or the countryside, etc. The solution we proposed for these requirements was...

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