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At Micronet Techno, we are conducting application development for wearable devices. We'll provide excellent experiences all over the world via our wearable device applications.

 OUR App is now available on Apple Devices!

PopSpots is an incredibly useful application that can search for spots you will like. PopSpots helps you explore when you're in an unknown place. Equipped with a user friendly interface, over 60 useful spots categories, search options, intuitive pin icons, 3 types of maps (normal view, satellite view and street view), discovering fun, new spots is easy.

PopSpots is available on iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad. Wherever you are, PopSpots will support all your explorations on your Apple devices.

PopSpots screen shots apple watch

PopSpots application site
PopSpots screen shots apple watch

iPhone, iPad screenshots
PopSpots screen shots iphone ipad

Apple Watch screenshots
PopSpots screen shots apple watch

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