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VR/MR solutions for enterprise

We provide practical VR/MR solutions for a wide range of businesses.

Our approach to avoid "VR Sickness"

At Micronet techno, we are conducting R&D to avoid VR sickness using human biometric informations and AI technology for biomedical engineering field. In our R&D, we developed prototype for avoid VR sickness using heart rate and AI algorithm. This prototype gathering user heart rate and analyse user stress level using AI algorithm, then show up warnings in HMD (Head Mounted Display) to reduce user VR sickness risks. We'll keep improving this prototype and convine other biometric information into this prototype for comfortable user VR experience.

Why choose Micronet Techno

VR/MR technologies and devices are improving by leaps and bounds. Micronet Techno Global Solutions department leads these projects to quickly discover tech trends and implement them for our customers around the world.

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Selected among the top 25 most recommended AI companies

Micronet Techno was selected among the top 25 most recommended artificial intelligence companies for 2017 in APAC area by APAC CIOoutlook magazine. We will implement intelligent technologies using AI in VR/MR solutions.

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