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Sustainable Development

sustainable development
Our effort for "Sustainable Development"

Micronet Techno is paying effort to "Sustainable Development". We have to mitigate environmental damage by our business activity. We should hand over limited natural resource and clean environment to next generation, because natural resource and environment is not forever. We are thinking about this is our corporate responsibility. Micronet Techno is considering and business activities based on main subjects "Environment, Development, Education" for "Sustainable Development".

Our efforts

1. We are contribution to "Carbon Offset" by Green-site licensed(donation to forest) web site.
2. Propulsion to procurement of recycle products.
3. Propulsion to procurement of electric power saving PC or Servers.
4. Providing low environmental impacted solution (Paperless, power saving)
5. Project management by paperless.
6. Education to employee about "Sustainable Development"