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System Maintenance & Support

System maintenance
System maintenance

Micronet Techno provides customer IT asset maintenance. During business growth period, have you had maintenance issues with system renovation, system lifecycle, new products correspondence, or other issues after system implementation? We perform system maintenance using high-level technological skills. In addition, we implement automation, remote control of maintenance work, and reduction in maintenance costs. Our team offers the same technical capabilities as specialized system design and development departments.

Language ・GDK (Glass Development Kit)、C、C++、PL/SQL、Shell、CUDA(Nvidia)、TAL(Transaction Application Language)、PowerBuilder、Delphi
・Visual Studio 6 / .NET(VB、VC、C#、ASP)、VB.NET、VBA
DB ・Oracle、SQL Server、DB2、MySQL、PostgreSQL、BigTable、IndexedDB、SQLite etc.
Platform ・Windows、Unix、Linux
・Tesla (GPU)
・Google App Engine、Sales Force、Amazon Web Service etc.

System Support
Dispatch staff assists with new system implementation and technical queries related to call centers and support desks.
Service Desk Technical investigation and feedback to users service is available. Investigation results and reports will be sent to specialists for analysis.
System Maintenance System and hardware monitoring are available 24 hours/365 days along with failure detection and recovery.
Call Center Provision of assistance for call center operations.

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